Final preparations for this year’s shows….

Getting ready for two upcoming shows, one in April in Montreal and another in Chester, Nova Scotia in June of this year.  It all starts with gathering reference material thru photos and sketches, then planning sizes of canvas and then of course making the paintings.  This week both galleries Galerie Bloom in Montreal, Quebec and Amicus Gallery in Chester, Nova Scotia made their final selections as to which paintings would be in their shows. Just have to attach the hanging hardware and prepare to ship from here.  Getting excited now that the work is mainly done on my end.  Looking forward to the wine and cheese now ha…(there will be wine right?)  I will post more details about the shows soon 🙂

show prep 1

Beautiful Nova Scotia beaches…this one Laurencetown Beach.

show prep2

My sister took the pic…not my most graceful moment.  I can just hear the roar of the water hitting those rocks…tide was coming in, I was scrambling to get to the sandy part without breaking something ha.

show prep3

Notice I was wearing a parka and high boots…it still gets pretty cold in June.

shw prep4

Final touches 🙂


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