The Story of “Breaching The Surface”….


Thought I would take pics of this painting from the very beginning to where I finally stopped because it felt finished.


Beginning with a canvas that has a “troweled on” texture using modeling paste, I take a sponge and wet the surface.  I then pour and some splash on some black …just thinking about interesting shapes for now.


A little color….it’s spring…why not green?


I’m into circles lately…not sure why.


The circles are too obvious so it’s time to soften and add another layer…


Added more circles..hard to see the larger turquoise ones on the bottom part of the painting.  Then a wash of a muddy overall….yup ….looking good and murky 😉


Starting to add more opaque layers and the obvious circles are disappearing.


More layers and some fun pouring of complimentary colors….bringing back some circles.  The name for this painting came to me at this point and I knew it was almost done.  There was an overall last layer of yellow/green added to the upper part of the painting.  Once that was dry I painted a clear gloss bring out the vibrancy….like when you wet a pebble and you suddenly see the other colors 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Story of “Breaching The Surface”….

  1. Thanks for sharing the process you went through to produce this amazing painting! It’s amazing to see the stages it goes through!


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