Working in series…..

I tend to work in series producing a few paintings within a few weeks as opposed to one at a time.  This method allows me to be way more productive and keeps me “in the moment” using my reference sketches and photos.  I mixing large batches of color in tubs with lids and use them on all of the paintings in a given series which is why they tend to look quite similar.  It’s a great way to have a cohesive group of paintings for a show or to deliver to a gallery.

Shoreline Study 05514 48x48

 “Shoreline Study 05514″, 48″ x 48”

Shoreline Study 05614 36x60

“Shoreline Study 05614″, 36″ x 60”

Shoreline Study 05814 40x40

“Shoreline Study 05814″, 40″ x 40”

Shoreline Study 05714 36x72

 “Shoreline Study 05714″, 36″ x 72”


One thought on “Working in series…..

  1. Carole, I grew up by the ocean………….your beautiful paintings transport me back to that special place every time I see them – I can almost feel the warm wet sand of the topical shore of the Indian Ocean………..same sensation …………. continents apart!



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