New studio up and running…

Well it’s been about a month since we moved to a new home…only 5 kms from the last place but a huge bonus of more studio space. I used Stan Prokopenko’s tips here to help me figure out lighting.  It had just a couple of fluorescent lights before so most of the space was dark.  What a difference to install more fixtures and to upgrade to the T8 bulbs that provide “daylight”, much more energy efficient and the studio will be bright and cheerful day or night.  Some shelving for storage, the carpet was already there and thank god it’s seen better days because there are already some paint drips on it with more to come.  I’m all set, took a little work before the space was transformed from rec/bar space to what is now my dream studio!  I just need to pick up some light panel covers now, it’s not perfect but it’s perfect for me 🙂  Here are some before and after pics:

1a studio before 1b studio after 3a studio before 3b studio after 3c studio after


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