Evolution of a “Wildflower” painting…

Begin with soft washes of background colors for sky and land.

1While the background is still wet, drop three different sizes of salt on top and wait until dry (usually takes until the next day), then brush off the salt, sometimes there are little pieces of salt embedded in the dry acrylic which is great, just means more texture yay!
2 Using Titanium White, load the brush and paint in the main flowers.  Then flick the brush randomly to make little dots (ever watch someone smoke and see how they tap a long ash off the end of their cigarette?  Use that action…tap with your index finger against the brush) and allow to dry.

3 Start painting over your white, bringing in the bright yellows and light green for grass. Add more grass using a palette knife to leave a raised edge for the foreground.  Paint in soft blue shadows on the flowers.

4Add some brighter oranges and greens leaving actual blobs of paint to create more texture.

5 Add some darker grasses using a palette knife.  Add more white on random petals using your palette knife this time for added texture.

6 Add some smaller purple wildflowers here and there along with some more orange, yellow and purple dots and allow to dry.  There you have it….a Fiesta Wildflower Painting!!!



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