Long and lean winter trees….

Latest series….halfway thru winter with lots of snow for inspiration…..

Treescape Winter 01019 24x6 WEB
Treescape 01019, 24 inches by 6 inches
Treescape Winter 01119 36x8 WEB
Treescape 01119, 36 inches by 8 inches
Treescape Winter 01419 48x12 WEB.jpg
Treescape 01419, 48 inches by 12 inches
Treescape Winter 01619 60x15 WEB.jpg
Treescape 01619, 60 inches by 15 inches
Treescape Winter 01919 72x30 WEB.jpg
Treescape 01919, 72 inches by 30 inches

“In Flanders Fields” Off to Veterans Affairs

Kemptville Legion for Veterans Affairs

Proud to announce that my painting “In Flanders Fields” (acrylic on canvas, 40″ x 40″) was accepted as a donation to Veterans Affairs.  This pic is of myself and Sharon Murray who is representing the Kemptville Legion Branch before the painting was shipped off to the Charlottetown headquarters of Veterans Affairs to hang in their atrium.  Here is the full story to share from our local North Grenville Times newspaper.  Such an honour!!

Fall Birch Tree Series….

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I took a four day road trip thru Ontario/Quebec, Canada and Vermont/Maine, USA during peak fall foliage.  Gorgeous countryside and colors inspired this latest series.  Hope you enjoy the warmth and bright sunshine feel to these paintings as we all head into winter.


Treescape 21618 60x36 WEB
Treescape 21618, 60 inches by 36 inches.
Treescape 22118 60x24 WEB
Treescape 22118, 60 inches by 24 inches.
Treescape 23018 36x12 WEB
Treescape 23018, 36 inches by 12 inches.
Treescape 21918 36x60 WEB
Treescape 21818, 36 inches by 60 inches.
Treescape 22618 30x72 WEB
Treescape 22618, 30 inches by 72 inches.


My “Cape Cod” series

This spring we visited the Cape Cod area and absolutely fell in love with the fantastic coastlines and laid back lifestyle not to mention the fabulous food.  If you have the opportunity to visit I strongly recommend “The Impudent Oyster” in Chatham…best seafood place!  Can’t wait to go back.

This new seascape series is inspired by several beaches we enjoyed….especially Nauset Beach and Hardings Beach….the afternoon light was just perfectly shining thru some of the waves.

Shoreline Study 14418 30x40 WEB
Shoreline Study 14418, 30 inches by 40 inches
Shoreline Study 14318 24x36 WEB
Shoreline Study 14318, 24 inches by 36 inches
Shoreline Study 14218 36x36 WEB
Shoreline Study 14218, 36 inches by 36 inches
Shoreline Study 14118 24x48 WEB
Shoreline Study 14118, 24 inches by 48 inches
Shoreline Study 14018 30x60 WEB
Shoreline Study 14018, 30 inches by 60 inches
Shoreline Study 13918 40x72 WEB
Shoreline Study 13918, 40 inches by 72 inches
Shoreline Study 13818 48x72 WEB
Shoreline Study 13818, 48 inches by 72 inches
Shoreline Study 13718 48x72 WEB
Shoreline Study 13718, 48 inches by 72 inches
Shoreline Study 13618 36x72 WEB
Shoreline Study 13618, 36 inches by 72 inches

The Show “Suits”

Tooting my horn here….one of my seascapes was used as part of the set of the show “Suits” which is filmed in Toronto, Canada.  I love that show and recommend it as popcorn worthy!! This particular screen freeze pic is from Season  4 Episode 10.  The pic is a bit blurry but thank you to Heather the owner from Oceanside Gallery who noticed and took the pic after pausing her tv.  ( So I guess my painting has a face for tv lol).

Suits Season 10 pic 1 web

Studio 87 Spring Show

Had a wonderful evening at Studio 87 celebrating a three person spring show with my two buddies Catharine Clarke and Lee Anne LaForge.  Great food, wine and music (and of course art) put on by gallery owners Randa and Martin and the rest of the staff.  Felt like a queen, much appreciated!!!


Left to right:  Lee Anne LaForge, Randa Khoury, Catharine Clarke, myself and Martin Hauschild.


My buddies…left to right is Lee Anne LaForge, myself and then Catharine Clarke.  Thank you Studio 87!!

What inspires me to paint….

Even in grade 6  I knew I wanted to be an artist as pictured below.  It didn’t hurt that I won two whole dollars as first prize that I could splurge on candy (don’t really remember what I spent it on but that is a good guess…that was a lot of candy in those days…many moons ago!!!).

Carole first prize


Fast forward in time to the present time and I am so blessed to be able to paint everyday now (making a bit more than two dollars per painting).  My inspirations are still nature in all it’s glory.  I do tend to take lots of pics for reference material and some sketches on location.  A few months ago my husband and I visited Acadia National Park in Maine, USA.  There we found a treasure trove of mature birches on a lovely summer morning with light softly beaming thru the forest.  If any of you know of great birch groves I should check out please let me know.  I personally have never seen this many healthy large birches and will return to this spot in the future to capture various seasons.  Let me share a pic of this particular day:

Acadia National Park birches.jpg

….and here is a painting that was inspired by this visit.  Lots of texture and palette work.

Treescape 41117 15x30 WEB
Treescape 41117, 15 inches by 30 inches.

Another favorite place to visit is along the Nova Scotia shorelines.  Waves are like snowflakes in that each one is different depending on time of day and weather conditions.  I return again and again to my favorite spots.

Lawrencetown Beach photo shoot

…..and here is one of my recent paintings inspired by the above photo shoot:

Shoreline Study 36117 24x48 WEB
Shoreline Study 36117, 24 inches by 48 inches.

Thanks for reading this, hope you can relate in some way.  Cheers, Carole.

Winter Wonderland Paintings

Like to share a new series of “Treescapes”…..have you ever stood in a forest of trees on a bright sunny day?  They are so bright and fresh..I love the stark minimalist feel of these…will make more for sure.

Treescape 08317 30x60
Treescape 08317, 30 inches by 60 inches.
Treescape 08417 40x60
Treescape 08417, 40 inches by 60 inches.
Treescape 08517 36x48
Treescape 08517, 36 inches by 48 inches.
Treescape 08617 36x60
Treescape 08617, 36 inches by 60 inches.
Treescape 08717 48x24
Treescape 08717, 48 inches by 24 inches.